Features of the Angling Technics Microcat MKII Carp and Pike Rc Boat.

Angling Technics Microcat Mk2

Angling Technics Microcat Mk2Features:
* 40 Mhz FM 4 channel radio system- superb range and reliability
* Four ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance jet pumps – fast, efficient and quiet
* Twin washdown independant hoppers – excellent for all baits including particles
* Operation of hoppers can be individual or Simultaneous.
* Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse – spins on its own axis
* Six ultra high intensity leds including blue and white – visible at range, even in daytime
* Remote lighting control – control the lighting at range
* Removable battery system – change the batteries for heavy duty
* Hydrodynamically efficient and stable catamaran hull – 3D CAD designed
* Echo sounder ready
* Size : 690mm * 370mm * 170mm
* Weight : 7kg – std batteries, 9kg – HD batteries
* Bait capacity : 4kg – std batteries, 2kg – HD batteries
* Range : 600 m
* Running time (at max speed): 45 min – std batteries,70 min – HD batteries
* Free instructional video includedThe Microcat MKII is now available incorporating various major new features. the most significant being that the boat is now ‘self priming’ just place it on the water and off it will go. This features both in forward and reverse. The navigational LEDs are all now raised from the bodywork, making them even more highly visible. The brightness of the LEDs is remotely controllable from the transmitter from ‘off’ to dim through to very bright depending on daylight conditions and personal preferences. The new battery boxes drop into a water tight compartment thus ensuring that no water enters the main hull. The battery boxes also feature a splash guttering around the top,complete with drain. The carrying handle has been upgarded to be stronger and more rigid. All of these new features go to make the Microcat MKII an even better fishing aid than before. Angling Technics Microcat MKII’s are available from: www.tackleuk.co.uk Video Rating: 5 / 5

Bait boats have found a big part in modern day carp and pike angling.Accurate baiting is a key success to catch specimen fish and the use of a bait boat can keep you putting bait on the same spot every time with as little bait or as much as you can carry if your baiting up a spot for a big…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 Responses to “Features of the Angling Technics Microcat MKII Carp and Pike Rc Boat.”

  1. pheo91 says:

    very nice´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. anglersworlddotie says:

    Yes this video was the current one at the time i uploaded the video, it is a MK 1, but it is the same shape and size as MK 2. Hoppers work the same also and this is mainly what the video shows.´╗┐ Will update all these videos soon anyway.

  3. DOZMEISTER says:

    The boat in your video is a Mark 1´╗┐ not MK2, quite a few differances in them.

  4. anglersworlddotie says:

    I will find out for you about the batteries, but i reckon we are talking a couple of hours,´╗┐ not an overnight job.

  5. TheForestangel says:

    how long does it take for the batteries to be fully carged i dont have a manual if anyone can tell´╗┐ me.

  6. anglersworlddotie says:

    ” The pumps that you use in the Microcat are 1100 gph. There is no
    regulator or speed controller´╗┐ in the boat, the motors are run and governed
    electronically by our micoprocessor which controls all functions of the

  7. anglersworlddotie says:

    @thomasairsofteur check out our website´╗┐ for prices anglersworld.ie

  8. Catworrior says:

    @thomasairsofteur here´╗┐ in germany you have to pay betwenn 300- 1400 EUR ,,,,,,,,

  9. Ralfie says:

    Check out the Rc Boats for Fishing at http://RcFishingWorld.com