“New” Waverunner MK3 Bait Boat


For more info visit www.waverunnerbaitboats.co.uk
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10 Responses to ““New” Waverunner MK3 Bait Boat”

  1. prosurv123 says:

    haha so tell me how you’re going to get 20kg of bait in at 200m?
    slingshot my @ss

  2. carpman6495 says:

    disagree had mine for 3 years and it hasnt had a a single blip unlike the other 4 piles of shit i have owned the worst being the almost a piss take battery life of the viper.Best boat i have owned anyway

  3. prosurv123 says:

    Bait boat MUCH easier, quicker to get large amounts of bait in, much more accurate bait placement = bigger fish more consistently…

  4. tigerdongal says:

    I bought a hull from Carp Madness XXL, and all decent parts, Graupner motors, viper speed controllers, etc. Markus is from Germany too, I was going to get the RT4 kit, but I think it was a hassle to get it across to Texas.
    Last week I found the big daddy viper bodies on alibaba.com for $1.50 a piece! I was very disappointed they are made over there. To be honest from what I have seen, the waverunner is the best value off-the-shelf boat. I do like the look of the new carp madness jet boat.

  5. hydroman114 says:

    the boat was good but to be fair , all the components are chinese which most boats are in the uk viper microcat and all the rest , not sure about lake star they do seem nice boats , but im buying one from germany next called a rt4 from carplounge a little more money but like everything german its the bollocks hope this helps mate

  6. tigerdongal says:

    What are you getting instead and what didn’t you like about it?

  7. hydroman114 says:

    biggest pile of cheap chinese shite , mines going on ebay and im buying german

  8. rockypup1968 says:


  9. AMULDARRY says:

    what a waste of money use a slingshot!

  10. redXiXpredator says:

    Just got the new version that uses 2.4Ghz radio gear insted of crystals, can’t wait for the lakes to melt so I can go play =)