Catch any size fish! With Fish Fun Co Remote Control Fishing Boats, and ‘The RC Fishing Pole’

I show how there’s no limit to the size of fish you can catch with the Remote Control Fishing Pole. To get your own RC Fishing Pole, go to; Please visit http and tell us about your RC Fishing adventures on the “Braggin’ Board!” Most of us have played with a remote control toy at one time or another so, learning how to go fishing with ar/c boat is easy and more fun than a video game. RC Fishing is a new take on fishing, and for some of us it provides a soluution to fish under low lying branches where we cant cast, and to navigate our line to inacessable spots. The youngsters with all of their electronic gadgetry love it too, for them it takes fishing to another level These Fish Fun Co Remote Control Fishing Boats have one thing in common, “The RC Fishing Pole”! Pick a Fish Fun Co. remote controlled fishing boat or use your own. “The RC Fishing Pole” turns any r/c boat into ar/c fishin’ boat, Two ways to catch fish, this video shows the line release way. Or you can let the boat pull in the fish!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Catch any size fish! With Fish Fun Co Remote Control Fishing Boats, and ‘The RC Fishing Pole’”

  1. xcalico1 says:

    so that boat places ur line in a spot if ur not accurate enough to cast it there?

  2. ronburgandy88 says:

    Sweet hookset bro lol

  3. ARLINBENZ says:

    Range of the boat is 300-400 feet or about a football feild.

  4. jport1975 says:

    That pond is so tiny I am sure you can just cast you bait with rod an reel no problem to wherever you want on that place. What is the range for that RC?

  5. C0LEKING says:

    That thing has nice speed!

  6. biggmoves says:


  7. spyhunter2010 says:

    now thats cheatin

  8. Paintballboy54 says:

    i dont get what the boats for its pretty much just catching fish with a pole.

  9. im4fish says:

    Hookset was overkill, but nice fish

  10. TheTherealwhiterange says:

    salt eats up rc boats 

  11. frewcc says:

    if you own an off shore capable boat, you might as well just drive the real boat over to wherever you want to fish, its a useless toy. also it only goes as far as you get radio signal.

  12. ARLINBENZ says:

    It works in the ocean, see the video, Guy catches a Tuna with the Remote Boat..

  13. ARLINBENZ says:

    Somebody just did! Check it out, he used “The RC FIshing Pole”, and the “Radio Ranger” RC Fishing Boat. I don’t wanna wreck it for you, watch the video up there again, there’s a “click” link to the Deep Sea Fishing with a Remote COntrol Boat Video

  14. bbasfooord123 says:

    i might try it in a ocean with a bigger boat.

  15. sluggoize says:

    finally figuered that out einstein!

  16. Tyrianad says:

    Sampei FTW!

  17. Fishnflightbum says:

    Kewl! 🙂

  18. bulbisftw says:

    you are the dumbass american that make our country look lazy. i love to work! you must be one lazy P.O.S

  19. mrtoastism says:

    but thats no fun….dumbass were americans we dont like work

  20. jacob ningkan Mayuh says:’s just fun but good idea

  21. bulbisftw says:

    learn how to cast so you dont have to waste all your time with that rc boat!!

  22. noobonwow99 says:


  23. 2009yfz450r says:

    not a real fisherman lol look at that hook set.

  24. redtailwatcher says:

    i want to see it with no fish pole in hand.

  25. trevorsept24 says:

    Why not just use a real boat?

  26. squito94 says:

    Cool video and cool helmet. I think I might get one. Is there a fire in the background?

  27. pconnhead says:

    i can say now that i have seen it all!!!!

  28. hummertrish says:

    now that’s a Go Pro !! cool 

  29. lordmagicpants says:

    so you mean to tell me you stole my bicycle helmet, my hummingbird feeders, and my broncos sweatshirt for this.

  30. suebrose says:

    i am thinking a beer straw from any direction may sell more helmets? beer holders on helmet? idk. backpack perhaps.

  31. TheMashKETCHUP says:

    like a boss..

  32. Green Silver says:

    You Tube took his other video off, because he was using his purple helmet to feed the birds with.

  33. Shizzmonger says:


  34. xTheDeathSaintx says:

    dont know why but i expected him to scream at the birds…

  35. sillycita says:

    So glad I searched etsy for “regretsy” and found this link! I needed a good laugh, thank you so MUCH! This would make a great gift for my parents… THANK YOU THANK YOU This is AWESOME

  36. freakagirly says:

    i would kill to know what his neighbors thought when they saw this

  37. xQueenKristinx says:

    this video made my brain explode. what an amazing dude.

  38. scavengerbirds says:

    awesome! i would definitely wear this

  39. ByeEmRaH says:

    hahahaha nice

  40. tulpoeid says:

    All this time I thought this was indeed ridiculous, but I just now discover this guy rocks!!

  41. ApollonianKing says:

    TotaL geek.

  42. poleethman says:

    This guy stole my idea! I had this hat called a “bear hat” that dangled two slabs of meat over each side of my face. The only reason why his video got out first was because that damn bear broke my camera, and I had to spend all that time in the hospital. Plus that incompetent search and rescue team took nearly two weeks to find me in the woods.

  43. BethJoyD says:

    I just cracked up hard core at the slow thumbs up, after sitting there so still, oh god hilarious! I really didn’t think this hat would work, but now I’m impressed. It really would be awesome to see hummingbirds that close to you. Though I wonder how long you have to sit there, sitting still, before they will approach?

  44. Haussawyee says:

    Love the hat how neat!!:o)

  45. organicmachina says:

    safety goggles not included.

  46. heyscuba says:

    I mean, I get it, you’re getting to see those hummingbirds up close, but since you have to sit so still, could you just have attached those poles to the back of the chair or the wall or something so you could relax a little bit,..?

  47. dabruna says:

    What patience …..

  48. onexslickxtrick says:

    I honestly didn’t thing this thing would work…that’s actually pretty awesome! Rofl at the thumbs up.

  49. laurierchick11 says:

    saw this on Regretsy….. haaa

  50. georgie9084 says:

    totally awesome! :D