Explore Angling Technics Standard Baitboat for Carp & Pike Fishing.

Bait boats have found a big part in modern day carp and pike angling. Accurate baiting is a key success to catch specimen fish and the use of a bait boat can keep you putting bait on the same spot every time with as little bait or as much as you can carry if your baiting up a spot for a big hit of fish or just fishing for a fish at a time bait boats will definately help you in doing this. * 27 Mhz AM 2 channel radio system – microprocessor enhanced * Three ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance up rated jet pumps – fast, efficient and quiet * Twin independent hoppers – with add on particle curtains * Proportional forward and single reverse * Echo sounder acceptable: Yes * Three high intensity navigation LEDs (orange, red and green) * Size: 570mm x 300mm x 260mm * Weight: 7kg approximately * Bait capacity: 4kg approximately * Running time (at maximum speed): 45 minutes * Free instructional video included
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to “Explore Angling Technics Standard Baitboat for Carp & Pike Fishing.”

  1. barryinglaterra says:

    I need one of these for the canal.

  2. anglersworlddotie says:

    Thanks for the comments, baitboats get a lot of bad press, but we have to remember they are “electronics in the water” Not a good combination. They are high maintenance, you need to take good care of them, and that means covering them up at night in your bivvy to keep the damp etc off them. Keeping them clean internally and so forth. I hope that in time, the companies provide maintenance manuals for customers and also some spare parts etc to keep the boats ticking over every season.

  3. slinkysaddler says:

    Great boat and one that even today takes some beating.. ok like most boats it has its faults.. but its does the job well.. and is sooo reliable

  4. MrCarpking71 says:

    wot are those 2 tubes it drops then tows about pls??

  5. MrCarpking71 says:

    wot are those 2 tubes it drops then tows about pls??

  6. Tote1883gas says:

    Fun for a while, but water and electrics just dont go together. Had mine for two years, it kept breaking down and i was glad to see the back of it

  7. anglersworlddotie says:

    Full boat description can be found on our website,
    anglersworld . ie

  8. przemasje says:

    what is inside that boat bilge pumps?

  9. peppersdog1 says:

    mines about as reliable as a two bob watch

  10. anglersworlddotie says:

    anglers world dot ie

  11. anglersworlddotie says:

    All boats are listed on our website

  12. DiabloBastardo says:

    Love the look of this boat, what is the costing please?

  13. TheMrcraftycarper says:

    100% correct. Funny thing is people are paying hundereds of ££’s more and its holds less and less distance…

  14. lwrruk says:

    I agree with banditboy79 with a battery mod and flexi aerial these are the muts nuts . 2 independant hoppers , 400m range , massive bait capacity , not overly heavy , fast , stable and aquireable for less than £250 who needs a boad the size of a house …?? tackle tarts thats who .

  15. banditboy79 says:

    Still better than some of the’new’ models.
    and considering they were the 1st generation BB i think its great… out of the angling technics range this holds 4KG then the rest A) lost bait capacity n B) range??..Microcat ‘top of range’ now hold 4KG…